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Protect Your Assets and Your Family


Aging is a part of life and everyone should have the luxury of enjoying their golden years. Planning for your future is not something that should be done alone, which is why our Elder Law and Estate Planning Lawyers assist our clients with the preparation of a cost-effective plan to protect their assets and loved ones. Regardless of your net worth, a well thought out estate or Medicaid plan is something that every person should have.

What is the difference between an Estate Planning Attorney and an Elder Law Attorney?

While our lawyers are well versed and experienced in handling estate planning matters as well as elder law matters, both areas are comprised of different aspects. An Estate Plan is something that is prepared and has directives that are ultimately carried out at the time of the person’s death. Alternatively, an Elder Law Attorney prepares a comprehensive plan for the client to take place during the life of the client.

Estate Planning


Wills and Trusts are types of testamentary documents that are prepared in order to clearly identify a person’s final wishes upon their death. A common misconception that most clients have is that only the rich and powerful need a Will or a Trust. This cannot be further from the truth. Naturally, not every Will or Trust is prepared the same way or include the same directives, for everyone has accumulated different assets and liabilities throughout the course of their life that must be accounted for in the preparation. Additionally, spouse, children, and other family members are typically included, as the directives provided may be as specific as desired by the deceased.

Our Estate Planning Attorneys can ensure that you and your family are protected and that your loved ones’ final wishes are properly carried out.

Elder Law and Special Needs Planning

Our firm’s Elder Law and Special Needs Planning Attorneys assists clients with the aging process and planning for future needs. Planning for disability, future medical care, nursing care, and nursing home placement are only some of the items that an Elder Law Attorney can handle. Additionally, assisting with long-term care insurance and other insurance options are other areas of specialty that our lawyers perform for clients. The hiring of an attorney to handle these matters allows you to age gracefully and truly enjoy your golden years.

Be sure to contact our Elder Law and Special Needs Planning Lawyers today for a consultation.

Medicaid Planning


Medicaid Planning is different than Elder Law and Special Needs Planning. What is very important to note is that Medicaid is not only for the indigent or the poverty-stricken person. As our clients age, the costs of future medical care become exorbitant and the debt continues to grow. A sophisticated Medicaid plan will help manage those costs and ensure that our client will have assets to pass along to their loved ones when they pass on. Medicaid would ultimately pay for all medical costs, including costs for a nursing home or rehabilitation center.

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When a person is unable to handle his or her own affairs, a guardianship is a legal tool that allows a trusted third party to oversee the management of certain matters. If a person become incapacitated, suffers from an illness that negatively affects decision making, or is simply a child and under the age of 18, then he or she could be eligible for a guardianship. Under mostly every circumstance, only a judge has the power to appoint a guardian. And once that guardian has been appointed, he or she is tasked with the responsibility of making decisions that are in the best interest of the incapacitated person or minor child.

Being that formal legal documents must be prepared and filed in court, our firm’s attorneys ensures that this process is performed in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Probate and Estate Administration


The Probate and Estate Administration process can be an extremely difficult and stressful endeavor for anyone to go through – especially those who have just lost a loved one. Probate is a process that involves litigation and the court system where a representative is appointed by a judge to perform certain tasks for the deceased person’s assets such as pay creditors and distribute assets to beneficiaries. While sometimes Probate and Estate Administration occurs because the deceased did not leave a Will or Trust, litigation may also occur over certain directives within a testamentary document such as a Will or Trust.


Litigation is never something that should be done alone and without an attorney. Be sure to speak with one of our Probate and Estate Lawyers today.

What can an Elder Law and Estate Planning Lawyer do for me?

Consulting with one of our attorneys about your future and your family’s future is always a smart decision. The last situation you want to be involved in is a dispute surrounding apportionment of assets or beneficiary funds that are rightfully yours. Waiting until that time comes is an easy way to invite unwanted stress and aggravation. No matter what your budget is, our Elder Law and Estate Planning lawyers are willing to work with you to set up a well thought out plan for your future. Don’t delay. Call us today!


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